Rolly C. Lawas

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RCL is an Independent Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Teacher. Prior to
being a John Maxwell Team member, Rolly has about 36 years of work experience. Rolly
had more than 2 years of teaching Electrical Engineering in a State College and more
than 22 years in Corporate, for the most part in a multinational Fortune 500 EPC company
reaching C-Level Executive position. Rolly took Management Development Program at
the Asian Institute of Management and attended Management in a Global Enterprise at
the Thunderbird Business School in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. With global and multi-cultural
experience and exposure, he has had the distinct opportunity to develop leaders around
him through coaching, mentoring, and teaching. The greatest reward Rolly was proud of,
was seeing that for every executive position he stepped into replacing an Expatriate, he
replaced himself with a local leader. The Law of Legacy has been at work for him.

He plays bowling, golf and likes biking.



“Before you can do something, you must first be something” – Johann von Goethe